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             Safe, Timely and Cost Effective

            Explosive Chemical Disposal

 RSP International Inc. was established in 1990 to provide assessment, training, and support to organizations in developing policy and procedures to respond to bomb threats and NBC incidents.

Render Safe Procedures is an international standard in the explosive disposal field and the basis behind operations conducted by RSPI.

With twenty-eight years of experience in the management and disposal of explosives, RSP is well equipped to handle assist you with your explosive chemical disposal.

Educational, industrial, commercial, medical, government and financial institutions have benefited from the use of RSPI.

Services provided are safe, time sensitive and cost-effective.

Materials Serviced:

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Certificates and Insurance

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Suggested immediate action on finding chemicals that may be explosive:

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RSP International Inc.
9 Convent St
PO Box 17
Formosa, ON  N0G 1W0
Phone: 519-367-2838
Cell: 905-586-3407
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